Check out our latest song, “Warrior,” a celebration of Pride!

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Dolly Parton’s “Light of a Clear Blue Morning,” in a lush choral arrangement by Craig Hella Johnson. Everything’s gonna be alright, it’s gonna be ok.
“One Foot / Lead with Love” by vocal activist, Melanie DeMore, a powerful call-and-response song centered in unity, love, and hope for the future — includes a special personal message from Melanie!
“Tell Me a Story,” by transgender activist Skylar Kergill, written in response to the many gender-related questions he has been asked by random strangers. Wry and heartwarming, incorporating personal stories that explore gender’s diversity, complexity, and beauty.
After sorrow, joy. After darkness, light. After despair – hope.

Hope Springs is packed with love, light, and laughter!

We built the mythical, musical town of ‘Hope Springs’ with you in mind and populated it with songs of joy and affirmation. You are invited to stroll along its happy streets and surround yourself with uplifting music from the chorus, cabaret acts from our singers, and fantastic pieces from our community partners. Visit anytime you want, for an hour of music that will feed your soul.

Looking for laughs?

We’ve got you covered with our blooper reels!
For every video that ends up in one of our virtual chorus numbers, there are oodles of uproarious outtakes. Cue the flubbed lines, barking dogs, wardrobe malfunctions, technology glitches, and more.

Laugh with us as you enjoy this entertaining look behind the scenes of our Puget Soundworks magic!

Content warning: Some bloopers contain adult language